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My newest book now available on Amazon!

My newest book now available on Amazon!

Many treasures lie under the sea, but will Alistar find the one that will make ‘The Perfect Birthday Present’ for his mom? Join this adventurous little sea star and his best buddy Barnaby (a blob fish) as they travel through the beautiful deep blue sea, meeting many other creatures of the deep. When the two friends finally stumble upon the perfect present, Alistar needs to make a difficult decision, which only he can make. When he does, the little sea star learns that there are times when it is not the present that is important, but the thought behind it.

My First Cover! Now available on Amazon – Kindle & Hardcover

My First Cover! Now available on Amazon – Kindle & Hardcover

For Linda Crowley, the first day of the year had always been set aside to work on new, positive beginnings and 1970 was no different. Her husband and children were by all accounts healthy and no one even considered the terrible thought that tragedy would strike before the day was over, and life as she had known it was gone.

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My first illustrating project available on Amazon

My first illustrating project available on Amazon

Haley doesn't have a normal pet she has a goat, Ralph. He thinks he's having fun but he's causing untold trouble for Haley. Trouble seems to follow Ralph everywhere he goes only he doesn't know it. Haley's father says Ralph has to be sold!

Buckle Up Buttercup!

…was my first reaction and Facebook post at 2 am Tuesday morning. After which followed a night of not going to bed. At 5 am I did a meditation and got ready for work. Needless to say, I was a mess when I arrived home at 2 pm. I climbed into my chair and slept until I felt myself coming back from what I perceived as a twilight zone. My previous post, What Do I Do Now? was my beginning of processing something as I have never seen in my lifetime.

Now, a few days later, I am much better. Thank goodness for my wonderful Facebook feed. I found so many great ideas and viewpoints to help me forge my own road ahead. (Many are leaving Facebook or staying off of it and it is a shame that their feeds are too painful and force them to do that.) Some are saying this is their “last political post” and that is sad, too. This is definitely not the time to stay quiet about how you feel.

Buttercups, we are entering a new era. We have DJT to thank for that. I'm not sure what kind of an era it is going to be, but it is going to be epic one way or another. He may just be the answer. He may be the nightmare. He may be impeached by the end of his first year. Who am I to say? I was certain Hillary was meant to save us all. The only thing I am certain of is, Buttercups, you better tighten your buckles for this ride.

Already the unrest is brewing. The Dems are eventually going to stop licking their wounds and begin the arduous task of rebuilding their party. Elizabeth Warren is coming to Washington with both barrels blazing and bringing Maggie with her. The Republicans are juggling a handful of balls they must reshape into a government that is going to preserve what they stand for and deliver what the Donald has promised us all. (If you think the Hillary supporters are causing unrest, lookout for the white middle class workers if Donald doesn't deliver – they will make these protests look like kids on a playground. )

Make no mistake, Buttercups, it on THEM. Garrison Keillor put it quite well in his Washington Post article Done. Over. He's Here. Goodbye. He's here alright, Buttercups, and now I have to find my way to deal. After days of reading and watching, I keep going back to the one line of Hillary's concession speech: “Keep an open mind and give him a chance to lead.” And out of tremendous respect for the woman I know her to be, I know she wants us to truly do that. And I will. But it's up to the Republicans to deliver on all Trump's promises. Have at it. I'm going to do yoga and take up bird watching while waiting for my cheap healthcare, excellent wages, and world peace to arrive on my doorstep in a tidy little basket.

By accepting he IS my president is not to say I accept all the horrific things he condones. It is my declaration to do my small part to make our country better and stand by it's constitution. The near rioting and the hate coming from both sides is unacceptable. That kind of behavior never accomplished anything (well, wait. There was the 60's where that behavior prevailed and changed our country forever completely smashing the “Leave It To Beaver” society we lived in. Who remembers burning their bra?) My take is that it is happening again. We are not going to by any means hold hands and sing kumbaya. Nope. Not gonna happen with the Donald piloting the plane. Hillary won the popular vote. These protest groups are not small and are not going to go away like an annoying fly. More than half of the voting public did not want Donald in the cockpit. As I told my husband, this would be a whole lot easier to accept had Donald won by a landslide. Then I would have to say the people have spoken and sit down and accept it. But for just as many people that wanted Trump, there are just that many that didn't. This has caused a deep divide such as our country has never seen and I don't see us healing it any time soon.

So, Buttercups, there you have it. Buckle up and have a great weekend – but don't go silent. If you have a voice, use it.

And so, as another day goes by, buttercups symbolize humility, neatness and childishness, which may not showcase our country today, but maybe can be a beacon for hope in the future, and …I have written.


Oh my, … I think I started a movement! Lol!



What Do I Do Now?

Back in the eighties when I was teaching fourth grade I had a principal I admired. Everyday she inspired me to be better than I was the day before. One afternoon I walked into her office to whine about something. She looked up, with her glasses perched on her nose, and placed her hand near the floor. She said, “Linda, I don't expect down here…” then, raising her hand above her head she said, “…when I can get up here. Now go back to your children,” after which she put her head back down and continued working. I turned, and with tears stinging the edges of my eyes, I went back to my classroom. That afternoon I was a better teacher than I was in the morning.

She was a tough lady. As a matter of fact in the summer when I went to the superintendent (we didn't have a principal – we were looking for one) to complain about my recess schedule for the upcoming year, he said, “Wait til you see the gal I hired for you – straight out of Auschwitz – recess won't be a problem anymore.” She was rough on us when she was making decisions that put the children first – she always put the children first. Not a lot of our staff liked her. I loved her. I always welcomed a challenge and those gauntlets she threw in front of me day after day caused me to grow, to learn to embrace change even if it tasted sour, and to become a better version of myself for those children. She taught me to be totally selfless in the school environment and to always put the kids needs before my own. She inspired me to get my own Masters Degree in Educational Administration so maybe someday I could do the kind of work she does.

She was only with us for maybe a year and a half before she landed a superintendent's job in a neighboring school district. I remember the day I found out she was leaving. I was stunned . I felt like I'd been sucker-punched. My stomach hurt. The next day I was home with a sick child and had a couple of good cries. What was I going to do without her? My mentor, my teacher, my muse, would be gone when we returned from Christmas break. I couldn't fathom that.

When I went back to school the next day and told her how broken I felt, she said, “Linda, please don't make me think all my work with you was in vain.” Typical response for her. Then for a moment she softened, we put our arms around each other's shoulders and walked down the hall. She whispered, “Take all we have accomplished this year and go forward with those children. I'm only a phone call away.” Then she disappeared into her office and I went to pick up my kids from art class. We have remained friends all these years.

Tuesday night I felt like that. Sucker-punched and breathless. The person I admired and fully expected to lead my country was gone in a matter of a few hours. I lay awake all night long staring at the TV until 5 am. Then I did a meditation and went to work, not sleeping at all. I shed a few private tears and asked myself “What do I do now?” Then I thought of Nellie Bush's words on that day. I will do what she taught me. I will embrace change, as bitter as it is, and I will take what Hillary taught me about not crying, not giving up, and being a strong, intelligent, independent woman that can fly in the face of anything, and I will go forward and carry that into my world. Since my days with Nellie Bush I have become the biggest proponent of change.

Hillary wants us to “give Trump a chance to lead.” I can do that. After all, we are now all on the plane with him. Hoping he fails is like wishing for the plane to crash. There are a million reasons he shouldn't be piloting in the first place, but that is not my call. I have learned over a lifetime of being inspired by women like Nellie and Hillary that you do not put your energy into things you cannot control. You find in each day something you CAN do to make people's lives better and that is where you put your energy. You become a better person and the world becomes a better place for having you in it.

And so, as another day goes by, I refuse to whine and cry and wallow in defeat or participate in bashing our new man of the hour. Like the quote below says, there is no time for that. I will use my words, my actions, and my days to bring good into the world, despite the bitter taste of this change…and I have written.



Slim Chance of Sleep Tonight

Well, it's all but over. As bad as I feel for Hillary, I have to go with what I prayed during this whole election. I told my Lord that as much as I had my own choice, this very serious election was in His hands. The kicker was I had to promise I would accept and abide by what He decides is best for our country. That was no easy pill to swallow. You can't imagine how hard I prayed for her to be our next president, but in the next breath I had to say but I trust you Lord.

For me, this was a test of faith. How hard is it to lose? Very hard. How hard is it to embrace what took place and find the good in it? Even harder. But if you have a faith, such as I do, you do it. You realize something bigger than you is in charge and you lay down your sword and go with it.

Ok, that's the faith part. Now what really happens? What happens next? Well, what if he can't deliver on all he's promised? It truly will be the cracking apart of our government as we know it and we will see it morphing into something else. Maybe all parties will have to come together and get rid of him and that is the reason for this epic upset tonight. Maybe he really can figure out how to fix all that is wrong with us and that is the reason for this debacle tonight. In any case it's about change. As much as I would like to attribute it to a change called for by the people of our great land, it is about the change called for by God. He saw something the rest of us couldn't and it is about to play out.

And so, as another incredible day goes by, buckle up buttercup because we are in for one hell of a ride, I am truly going to try to get a few hours sleep tonight, and … I have written



I Need Problems. What?

Yes, that is what I read somewhere a few weeks ago. I need problems. We all do. It’s problems that keep us alive. Can you believe it? After getting over the shock of the statement and thinking about it, I see it’s true. We get our energy from problem solving. If we lived a perfect life, without a problem or a care in the world, we probably wouldn’t live very long. We would stagnate and become lethargic, and eventually become depressed, lose our appetite and our will to live.

When we have a problem to solve, we are energized and engaged. We are too busy and preoccupied to get depressed and lethargic. The more I thought about this, the more I began to see how everything is in a state of constant energy and movement. Even the cardboard boxes full of items in your basement. We think if we put something away and don’t use it, it will last forever. No. Things, as well as people, break down from not moving or being moved and used. How often did you go down there to find something and when you took it out of the box, it just wasn’t in the same condition as when you put it down there. Our mind works in much the same way. Now, instead of backing away from the daily curve balls, I’ve learned to embrace them in a new way. I say thank you to my higher power and I get right to it.

Today there was a great video (link below) posted on Facebook about how the butterfly NEEDS to struggle to get out of the cocoon. Helping it by breaking it open for it would cause the butterfly to be deformed and eventually die instead of fly. Our problems we face each day are our cocoon. We need them to survive. Problem solving squeezes life into us much the same way the opening of the cocoon squeezes the blood into the butterfly’s wings allowing it to fly. Our struggles DO make us stronger and allow us to fly.

And so, as another day goes by, whatever I’m given today, I will tackle without complaining, realize I need it to live, and …I have written.



In Our Own Words

I had the extreme pleasure of my brother and his significant other visit me last weekend. Over Saturday night wine and dinner, the conversation inevitably swung to the election. They, and my husband and I, are on different sides of the political fence, but we are all adults and it was so much fun to engage with my brother about the qualities of our candidates. “Really?” some of you might ask. How did you do that without losing your cool, starting an outright brawl and eventually damaging a family relationship? How? I’ll tell you how in one word. Respect. My brother and I have always respected each other and would never utter harsh words.

I hate everything his candidate stands for and he cannot fathom having my candidate as his president, but we had a great time! Out of all the discussion, one thing he said stood out in my mind. He said he would never post anything on Facebook about his candidate that someone else wrote. He said he does his research and when he writes, it’s in HIS own words, expressing his own view. That I respect. I don’t care who he votes for, I just respect him for not doing all the posting and posting of article after article and never saying what you mean in your own words as so many others do.  I love my brother. He’s a good man. Our different political views don’t change that.

After that night, something clicked in my head. I don’t have to endlessly post proof that my candidate would make a good president. I don’t have to engage and defend her to the opposition. All I have to do is look at her, and be like my brother and ask myself what I see after following her career for 25 years.

I see a woman who is made of steel. I see a woman who keeps her composure under pressure. I see a “nasty” woman. Make no mistake that if this woman becomes president, she is not going to play nice. She never has and that is a strength of hers. She may be a grandmother, but it ain’t gonna be no grandmother moving into that White House. If you think this is gonna be Obama all over again, think again. HE was a nice guy and look where it got us? She is going play on the edge of the rules (and maybe have to break them at times.) She is going to wheel and deal with such slickness congress is going to have their hands full. She is already looking past the election and getting her ducks in a row so she will be able to exercise the power of the position and get some of this stuff done to change the status quo. And as her opponent pointed out, she’ll never back down. And I do care that she’s a woman. I wouldn’t vote for her just based on that, but I DO care. I’d love to see a strong, intelligent woman be the last one standing and make history. Oh and did I mention intelligence? She was one of the top ten lawyers in this country and if anyone thought they were going to get up on stage and upstage her in any debate, they were sadly mistaken. Remember when she took days off before the debates to “prepare?” Think about that. One of the top lawyers in the country “preparing.” She must have spent days getting cases ready to argue in court, so “preparing” to her is way different than it is for the average person.

She’s an iron-woman with a passion for serving and helping. Oh, and yes, she does know a lot about raising money and figuring out where and how to get it to pay for the things this country needs. She, herself, has enough money and I bet anything she’ll be the first to tell you she doesn’t need anymore. She works tirelessly 24/7 making lives better for children and families and other than spending time with her own family, she does little else, so why does she need more money?

Underneath her suit of armor she has a softer side that is willing to reason and listen and forgive. That, mixed with her fortitude and intelligence is a winning combination that I want in the White House for my president. I am not only with her, I admire her and I am inspired by her. I am 63 and she is going to be 69 and I don’t know how she does it. I manage a gym and train people and after an 11 hour day I think I’m tired? And she really wants this job? Whoa. She has my vote for stamina alone.

We are now one day closer to getting this whole thing over with, and I thank my brother for making me see that if I truly support a candidate I should be able to voice my support in my own words, after doing my own research, without saying a nasty word or any words at all about the opponent, and all the while respecting my friends who support the opposition. ( I just wish more of them would stop posting ridiculous articles and mash-ups, off of unverified sites, and just tell it like they see it, in their own words.)

And so, as another day goes by, I am SO with her, and, in my own words …I have written. (And I challenge others to do the same and do it without mentioning or bashing the opponent.)


20 More Days

These last 20 days are going to feel like 20 years. Is there anyone out there that is not wishing this election was over already? I am so done discussing it, watching it, and hearing about it. Yet another debate tonight. Really? Haven’t we had enough of that yet?

While it is getting a bit old, I can’t say that I haven’t enjoyed it. This year we have candidates like no other election ever did. They brought it. These two have made us stand up and take notice like no others before them. Before 2016 voters were complacent, didn’t make any real effort to understand the platforms and voter turnout was disappointing. Not this time. I think people are going to go to the polls in record numbers – and right now neither candidate should be feeling like they have a lock on it. We have the Donald who is bat-shit crazy and we have Lyin’ Crooked Hillary. Oh, what do we do?

Tough choice. Tough or not, we HAVE to make one. (As far as independents go, we all know the only thing voting for them does is cast a negative vote for the the big two – not a good option.) The only choice we absolutely cannot make is to sit home and not vote at all. If you are pushed to that point, it is because you care. You sat up and paid attention through this whole thing, and now is not the time to curl up on the couch and suck your thumb because you are offended by both choices. We gotta put on our big boy pants and stumble to the polls.

I read a post today about Hillary that really made sense. It did not excuse everything she’s done that we are upset with her for, but it did, in fact, show us how her flaws are the very thing this country needs right now. That’s right. Her flaws. We don’t need another nice guy. We need a cunning, complicated individual made of steel that won’t quit on us. Obama is way nicer than Hillary. She will use ways and means in the House and Senate to get things done. She is not broken easily, if at all. And above all, she has the intelligence to use her flaws to move us forward. This is the way the article ended:

“The political landscape that lies before us next year will require a president who has the capacity to be a cutthroat negotiator, a quiet friend, a forgiving enemy, a turncoat, and a detail-obsessed wonk. If the country elects such a person, there is a distinct possibility that American democracy will discover that inch-by-inch progress on legislation happens after vigorous wrangling, which eventually gets to a deeply unsatisfying resolution that leaves almost everybody in a grumpy mood, and sort of works, but not all that well and yet well enough to get us to the next fight—which, if you will recall, is exactly what the Founding Fathers sketched out on paper in 1787. And here’s the thing: If it unfolds that way, under President Hillary Clinton, then historians will be able to honestly say that Donald Trump lived up to his promise, however accidentally, and made America great again.”

Wow. Yeah. You can read it below. (It’s long and involved – but well worth it if you can’t deal with the many faces of Hillary that have flooded the news.)

Now, to be fair to the other side, Donald has also shown us all of his faces, but he did it blatantly in the course of a few months played out on national TV and we don’t need a complicated article to point out just who he is and what kind of president he will make. All we need to do is just thank him for who he is and be glad that, he too, had the gumption to not fall under all that has been slung at him.

So there you have it. Two people that both want to lead our country and have taken a public bloodbath that would shake most of us to our core and send us into a dark closet. There’s a lot of strength on the ballot this year. Lots to ponder and choose from. It’s not as bleak as it sounds. Don’t sit home complaining about how you don’t like either candidate. Grow a pair and go pull a lever.

And so, as another debate day goes by, I have truly enjoyed engaging in some great discussions with those whose views are different than mine. Kudos to you for not being nasty and condescending, YOU are who makes America great and makes us stronger together, and…I have written.


Policy wonk. Pragmatist. Truth-twister. There are many versions of Clinton—and we’ll need them all to navigate the political chaos unleashed by Trump.



Time For Action

The GOP should grab him by the collar, sit him in a chair and say “You’re done!”

It’s so sad to see what has become of the party I grew up with. My parents and grandparents were devout Republicans and I watched them support their candidates in every election. I spent my college and my early years as an Independent until I found out I wasn’t allowed to vote in a primary. During the Clinton years I firmly believed Hillary was running the country. I always pictured Bill asking her every morning “Well, dear, what do I do today?” (Bill was never a fav of mine – he isn’t nearly as smart as she is and he has her to thank for all his success.) Shortly thereafter I registered as a Democrat. I saw a really smart women who actually knew what to do in the White House. I read and did my own research for the last 25 years on her and spent most of that time waiting for this day – the day she would run for that office. I had my own little campaign going in my mind when she ran against Obama, and again in 2014 when I felt sure this day was coming. Did I think it would be an easy road? No. The GOP saw her coming years ago about the same time I did and started the undermining then. So. None of my support for Hillary comes from my dislike for Trump. Hillary is not the “lesser of two evils” for me. She is a person I genuinely admired and supported apart from any other candidate out there for the last 20 years. None of what I say about this Trump thing has anything to do with her.

Back to this Trump thing. I am stunned that the GOP let this go on this long. I told my husband back in the spring that the party was going to implode at the convention in July. I kinda was right, but I certainly did not think it would take until four weeks before the election. I also told him last year, when Trump showed up, that all Hillary has to do is sit back and let him hang himself. She would have no need to go after him. He will do himself and the party in all by himself. This little scenario played out during this last debate. When Trump was speaking, Hilz sat quietly on her stool, holding her mike, letting him choke himself. No need for her to interrupt. He was doing a fine job all by himself. Then, when Hillary was speaking, Trump circled her like a nervous cat waiting to pounce. He sniffed his way yet again through another debate (I’m waiting for the coke evidence to surface next). In looking at him alone, not in relation to Hillary, all I see is an unintelligent, deplorable person. (Yes, Hilz, deplorable was an excellent choice of words – and on that topic – she only said half of his supporters – meaning the truly deplorable – belong in the basket – so I don’t get why the nice, upstanding, people in the commercial are including themselves in that half.)

Anyway, it just behooves my husband and I, when we sit and watch Trump hang himself on national TV  and Twitter everyday – Kelly Ann, grab the damn phone – that’s what they’re paying you for! – we look at each other and think, “People don’t see this? There are actually people walking around condoning his actions?” I am thankful that in my tiny circle of about 300 people there are only about 5 Trumpets. My faith is restored in smart people. I have always believed, apart from this election, that 80% of the population is made up of smart, upstanding, citizens and the other 20% belongs in the basket. I certainly hope this plays out on November 8th – oh wait, it will. That other 20% will be voting on November 28th.

*Wore my Hillary tank bike riding on the canal and no one ran me over! Lol!


What’s The Use?

Over the past few weeks I have noticed people in my newsfeed have stopped posting political rantings. I think they are realizing that you are not going to change anyone’s mind at this point, so what’s the use? For every article you post about your candidate, the other side can find an opposing article or 10, so it’s pointless. The other thing that makes it pointless to keep up the rant, for me anyway, is that as I scroll over the posts, I think “Why stop and read it? Just because someone wrote it, does it make it true?” and I move on.

Those reasons aside, I think the best reason to stop the rant is to preserve one’s own health. This election, more than most, has awakened an anger in our hearts that this country has never seen before. That’s fine. We need change. We need to be aware. We need to be informed. But we don’t need to damage our physical hearts, and that is what this chronic anger is doing. In the decade after this election I bet there will be an increase in people with heart disease. People out there waiving their fists, arguing and posting their rants on social media are not aware that they are keeping their bodies in a constant state of fight or flight and they are not taking the time to diffuse this.

I, for one, am glad my newsfeed is all about getting healthy, great recipes, and positive sayings that make me slow down and back away from this election thing for awhile. I am involved in a 21 day yoga retreat online right now and it is the best thing for slowing down, taking a breath, and regrouping when I feel the agitation growing.

And so, as another day goes by, 57 days until we have to hire a new president, and maybe we should consider this:


…and I have written.

Coolest Yoga Retreat Ever! (And Free!)

My daughter, Ashley, is a Beach Body Coach and she is running a yoga retreat that you access online for 30 days for free. You belong to a closed group on Facebook and get all kinds of support and nutrition help, too. You can do your yoga workout in the comfort of your own home at any time of day you want for 21 days. There is a different class for each day, starting from the very basic beginning.

Since I have had Beach Body OnDemand for a year now, and have done the 21 Day Fix workouts, I started the free yoga retreat this past Monday. Here’s how it went:

Day 1 of Yoga Retreat:  Core

Whenever I begin a new Beach Body exercise program, I sit and just watch it the night before. I watched Core for day 1 and couldn’t wait to try it the next morning. Absolutely wonderful poses, held for just the right amount of time to allow you to really figure out what he (Vitas, the instructor) wants you to do. He is so patient and gives you a lot of time to position your body. My first impression is I would definitely recommend this to a beginner. He also has a person doing modifications so this is something everyone can do. This, in conjunction with my weight training is going to be great for the next 3 weeks!

Day 2 of Yoga Retreat: Stretch

Starting a new program always teaches new lessons. Today’s stretch was a wonderful way to begin the day! It involved basic yoga stretches that I have always done, but was never given the chance to slow down and really perfect them. Never think you are too advanced to do the beginner class of anything. When given the opportunity to slow down and feel every move before going onto the next one, you find yourself saying, “Wow, I never felt THAT before!” I cannot say enough about Yoga Retreat.

Yoga Retreat Day 3: Balance

Once again, a delightful class and burned 157 calories in 30 minutes without moving much at all. It is surprising how much your heart rate goes up and the calories you burn just by trying to hold the poses.

Yoga Retreat Day 4: Flow

I really spent time in this class relearning some more basic poses and loving the way I felt when I was done.

Yoga Retreat Day 5: Go With The Flow

Only 20 minutes today but I really love how I had to pay attention to moving smoothly from pose to pose – it almost became a dance! Today is my mile run and weights at the gym so this was a nice compliment. (Yoga + Weight Training is something I always recommend to my clients. Weight training builds and tightens and yoga stretches and lengthens to combat soreness and increase flexibility.)

Tomorrow is Relax and I am really looking forward to that on a Saturday morning. If you want to get in on this please email my daughter at ashleybartosikfitness@gmail.com and she will get you all set up in the private group and free online access to the class. If you have always wanted to try yoga or if you want to improve your existing practice, this is the way to do it. Free. From your own home any time of day (even off your phone if you travel). Lots of support. The Yoga Retreat starts Monday September 12, so don’t miss it. Email her now and enjoy the wonderful things you will experience in this class.

And so, as another day goes by, in these turbulent times it’s nice to retreat and find a little peace, and…I have written. Namaste.


The Best Birthday Message

Today the calendar says I am 63 years old. When I was younger, I never pictured myself doing what I am doing at this age. If you told me when I was still teaching that when I retired I'd be working full time managing a health club and training people, I would never have believed you. I guess “Never say never” has an element of truth to it.

I went to work this morning not grumbling because I had to get up at 6 and go to work on my birthday, no, I went to work this morning feeling blessed that I CAN go to this wonderful job and help people get on their own path to a healthy lifestyle. There is no greater birthday present that you can give to yourself. This morning on Facebook my nephew posted a great post. He said people ask him what he does for fun. He says he works. He is an amazing artist and built a tattoo business that is really taking off. His work he does everyday is his passion. It IS his fun. He and I are both of the camp that if you choose a career that sparks your passion, you will never work a day in your life. And I haven't. 35 years teaching and three years in the fitness industry, and I can honestly say I haven't ever worked a day in my life.

My nephew also said, “If you ever find yourself bored, that's a problem.” He is so right. I spent the first three years of my retirement trying to just write. I was alone and it was boring and scary. Now, everyday at my job, I am back in my element and loving it. Even the crazy days when the club is full and everyone wants my attention, I have appointments and in the middle of it all, a new person walks in the door wanting to know what we are all about. Those kinds of days just fuel my passion and revive my energy. My nephew and I get our energy from our work. I told him people say to me all the time “but you're retired” when they find out I work 40 hours a week. They don't get it. You don't retire from your life. You may leave one job after thirty something years, but you jump right back into life and live your passion in a new way. If you are bored in your job or in retirement, it really is a problem and you need to get right back out there and do something about it.

I got a lot of birthday coupons and messages in my email today, but the best and most helpful one was from Spark People, a health and wellness app that I have used for years, and I'd like to share it with you:







And so, as another birthday goes by, I'd like to think I heed this advice, and …I have written.