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My newest book now available on Amazon!

My newest book now available on Amazon!

Many treasures lie under the sea, but will Alistar find the one that will make ‘The Perfect Birthday Present’ for his mom? Join this adventurous little sea star and his best buddy Barnaby (a blob fish) as they travel through the beautiful deep blue sea, meeting many other creatures of the deep. When the two friends finally stumble upon the perfect present, Alistar needs to make a difficult decision, which only he can make. When he does, the little sea star learns that there are times when it is not the present that is important, but the thought behind it.

My First Cover! Now available on Amazon – Kindle & Hardcover

My First Cover! Now available on Amazon – Kindle & Hardcover

For Linda Crowley, the first day of the year had always been set aside to work on new, positive beginnings and 1970 was no different. Her husband and children were by all accounts healthy and no one even considered the terrible thought that tragedy would strike before the day was over, and life as she had known it was gone.

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My first illustrating project available on Amazon

My first illustrating project available on Amazon

Haley doesn't have a normal pet she has a goat, Ralph. He thinks he's having fun but he's causing untold trouble for Haley. Trouble seems to follow Ralph everywhere he goes only he doesn't know it. Haley's father says Ralph has to be sold!

Buckle Up Buttercup!

…was my first reaction and Facebook post at 2 am Tuesday morning. After which followed a night of not going to bed. At 5 am I did a meditation and got ready for work. Needless to say, I was a mess when I arrived home at 2 pm. I climbed into my chair and slept until I felt myself coming back from what I perceived as a twilight zone. My previous post, What Do I Do Now? was my beginning of processing something as I have never seen in my lifetime.

Now, a few days later, I am much better. Thank goodness for my wonderful Facebook feed. I found so many great ideas and viewpoints to help me forge my own road ahead. (Many are leaving Facebook or staying off of it and it is a shame that their feeds are too painful and force them to do that.) Some are saying this is their “last political post” and that is sad, too. This is definitely not the time to stay quiet about how you feel.

Buttercups, we are entering a new era. We have DJT to thank for that. I'm not sure what kind of an era it is going to be, but it is going to be epic one way or another. He may just be the answer. He may be the nightmare. He may be impeached by the end of his first year. Who am I to say? I was certain Hillary was meant to save us all. The only thing I am certain of is, Buttercups, you better tighten your buckles for this ride.

Already the unrest is brewing. The Dems are eventually going to stop licking their wounds and begin the arduous task of rebuilding their party. Elizabeth Warren is coming to Washington with both barrels blazing and bringing Maggie with her. The Republicans are juggling a handful of balls they must reshape into a government that is going to preserve what they stand for and deliver what the Donald has promised us all. (If you think the Hillary supporters are causing unrest, lookout for the white middle class workers if Donald doesn't deliver – they will make these protests look like kids on a playground. )

Make no mistake, Buttercups, it on THEM. Garrison Keillor put it quite well in his Washington Post article Done. Over. He's Here. Goodbye. He's here alright, Buttercups, and now I have to find my way to deal. After days of reading and watching, I keep going back to the one line of Hillary's concession speech: “Keep an open mind and give him a chance to lead.” And out of tremendous respect for the woman I know her to be, I know she wants us to truly do that. And I will. But it's up to the Republicans to deliver on all Trump's promises. Have at it. I'm going to do yoga and take up bird watching while waiting for my cheap healthcare, excellent wages, and world peace to arrive on my doorstep in a tidy little basket.

By accepting he IS my president is not to say I accept all the horrific things he condones. It is my declaration to do my small part to make our country better and stand by it's constitution. The near rioting and the hate coming from both sides is unacceptable. That kind of behavior never accomplished anything (well, wait. There was the 60's where that behavior prevailed and changed our country forever completely smashing the “Leave It To Beaver” society we lived in. Who remembers burning their bra?) My take is that it is happening again. We are not going to by any means hold hands and sing kumbaya. Nope. Not gonna happen with the Donald piloting the plane. Hillary won the popular vote. These protest groups are not small and are not going to go away like an annoying fly. More than half of the voting public did not want Donald in the cockpit. As I told my husband, this would be a whole lot easier to accept had Donald won by a landslide. Then I would have to say the people have spoken and sit down and accept it. But for just as many people that wanted Trump, there are just that many that didn't. This has caused a deep divide such as our country has never seen and I don't see us healing it any time soon.

So, Buttercups, there you have it. Buckle up and have a great weekend – but don't go silent. If you have a voice, use it.

And so, as another day goes by, buttercups symbolize humility, neatness and childishness, which may not showcase our country today, but maybe can be a beacon for hope in the future, and …I have written.


Oh my, … I think I started a movement! Lol!



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