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My newest book now available on Amazon!

My newest book now available on Amazon!

Many treasures lie under the sea, but will Alistar find the one that will make ‘The Perfect Birthday Present’ for his mom? Join this adventurous little sea star and his best buddy Barnaby (a blob fish) as they travel through the beautiful deep blue sea, meeting many other creatures of the deep. When the two friends finally stumble upon the perfect present, Alistar needs to make a difficult decision, which only he can make. When he does, the little sea star learns that there are times when it is not the present that is important, but the thought behind it.

My First Cover! Now available on Amazon – Kindle & Hardcover

My First Cover! Now available on Amazon – Kindle & Hardcover

For Linda Crowley, the first day of the year had always been set aside to work on new, positive beginnings and 1970 was no different. Her husband and children were by all accounts healthy and no one even considered the terrible thought that tragedy would strike before the day was over, and life as she had known it was gone.

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My first illustrating project available on Amazon

My first illustrating project available on Amazon

Haley doesn't have a normal pet she has a goat, Ralph. He thinks he's having fun but he's causing untold trouble for Haley. Trouble seems to follow Ralph everywhere he goes only he doesn't know it. Haley's father says Ralph has to be sold!

One By One

Two weeks ago they came – one by one. Cars and groups of people arrived steadily from Wednesday through Sunday. Today they are all gone. They began leaving on Friday with my husband and daughter being the last two to vacate the premises this morning.

It’s over. The wedding and family vacations that were . . . → Read More: One By One


Thirty-nine years ago today my husband and I got married and honeymooned here on the cape. We always knew this magical place would someday be our home. Our dreams have come true and my prince really did give me that castle on a hill that our wedding song spoke about. We have had a wonderful . . . → Read More: 39


Ok, yesterday I couldn’t find words to describe my daughter’s wedding. Now, two days later, I realized I walked around all night long saying it was magical. Magical is definitely the word.

The magic began when “All Of Me” began playing as I waited on my father’s arm to be walked down the aisle. I . . . → Read More: Magical

Simply The Best!

…was the last song played at my daughter’s wedding last night and there are no better words to describe it!

And a good time was had by all! And so, as another day goes by, we are all tired, but very, very happy, and…I have . . . → Read More: Simply The Best!


After months of planning, my first born’s wedding is tomorrow. You spend their life celebrating all the “firsts”. First day of school, first T ball game, first lost tooth, graduations from pre-school through college,etc. With each milestone you marvel at how their level of independence mushrooms.

But there is something different about their wedding . . . → Read More: Tomorrow

Beach Camp!

Wedding prep is all done and today was for relaxing on the beach. The two families set up “beach camp” and took the day to enjoy the gorgeous cape weather.

Tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner at Popponesset and I can’t wait! We have planned and waited for these days for so long, I want . . . → Read More: Beach Camp!

Who Invited Arthur?

I don’t know who invited Arthur to wedding week, but in spite of making things difficult, I’m glad he was here. He disrupted the debugging of my backyard and now that has to wait until Monday and he ruined the landscaping by dropping pockets of leaves all over the yard. My gazebo couldn’t be up . . . → Read More: Who Invited Arthur?

Into The Tunnel

We are well into week one of the wedding weeks. Monday we went around paying the bills and checking on the final arrangements. Tuesday we went to Boston to pick up the dresses. Needless to say that took all day. Today I got my workout in and then went to the marine store to buy . . . → Read More: Into The Tunnel

The Bride Has Arrived…

…and wedding week has officially begun! The house and yard are sparkling, my yoga room has now become the wedding room, and we await the arrival of the groom and maid of honor on Wednesday along with friends of theirs who will be joining us for the fourth. On Saturday the 5th, 75 more people . . . → Read More: The Bride Has Arrived…

Happy Mother’s Day

I just read a blog post by Lisa Jakub entitled Mom, Mom’s Mom, Me Under One Roof. It was so well-written and spoke so close to my own truths, I just had to use it to celebrate Mother’s Day. I bring it to you today because I already celebrated Mother’s Day with my husband, my . . . → Read More: Happy Mother’s Day