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My newest book now available on Amazon!

My newest book now available on Amazon!

Many treasures lie under the sea, but will Alistar find the one that will make ‘The Perfect Birthday Present’ for his mom? Join this adventurous little sea star and his best buddy Barnaby (a blob fish) as they travel through the beautiful deep blue sea, meeting many other creatures of the deep. When the two friends finally stumble upon the perfect present, Alistar needs to make a difficult decision, which only he can make. When he does, the little sea star learns that there are times when it is not the present that is important, but the thought behind it.

My First Cover! Now available on Amazon – Kindle & Hardcover

My First Cover! Now available on Amazon – Kindle & Hardcover

For Linda Crowley, the first day of the year had always been set aside to work on new, positive beginnings and 1970 was no different. Her husband and children were by all accounts healthy and no one even considered the terrible thought that tragedy would strike before the day was over, and life as she had known it was gone.

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My first illustrating project available on Amazon

My first illustrating project available on Amazon

Haley doesn't have a normal pet she has a goat, Ralph. He thinks he's having fun but he's causing untold trouble for Haley. Trouble seems to follow Ralph everywhere he goes only he doesn't know it. Haley's father says Ralph has to be sold!

“I” is for..Can You Guess?

What else could “I” possibly stand for when the letter of the week for the Friday blog hop is “I” on the very day the new iPhone comes out? (We won’t mention that I’m writing the Fun Friday post on Saturday – again. Thanks Diana Lesire Brandmeyer for reminding me – again.)

But back to the new iPhone. I’m no further ahead than I was last week when I wrote the post Decisions, Decisions!. I was all set to hit the AT&T store yesterday and grab my new iPhone. Why didn’t I go? Because I still don’t know which phone to choose. I love those colors, but that 5S has that fingerprint thing.

Ok, let’s examine this. Why am I hung up on this fingerprint thing? I have never, ever, used a password on my phone in the seven years I’ve had an iPhone. Why start worrying about that now? I don’t think it’s the security at all. I just like the idea that my thumbprint will open my phone. But…on the other hand…we all know my history with bright colors – orange lounging suit, yellow sweater with black & white print leggings, hot pink hoodie – and I love the orange & black of my Koko uniform … So why is this so hard? The colors should have it hands down.

But I’m afraid of the colors because there are too many choices when combining them with colored cases that let the phone color show through. I thought the four colors of phones was bad enough, but when they showed this

20130921-202445.jpg on TV, I was defeated before I even started.

Weigh in here…please? What color phone with what color case? I’m leaning toward the yellow phone. What do you think? Black case? Green case? But that blue phone is really awesome too. Yellow case? Red case? Oh but how about the red phone with the black case?

See. See what I mean? How do you pick just ONE?

And so, as another day goes by, I fear I may be clunking along on my 4G until the 6 comes out because I can’t make a decision, (oh maybe not…those colors…I have to have one – but just ONE?), at least I think I ruled out the fingerprint one….maybe….and…I may have written, but I certainly haven’t decided. (Notice I could care less about the faster processor in the 5S – lol!)
What’s a girl to do?


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