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My newest book now available on Amazon!

My newest book now available on Amazon!

Many treasures lie under the sea, but will Alistar find the one that will make ‘The Perfect Birthday Present’ for his mom? Join this adventurous little sea star and his best buddy Barnaby (a blob fish) as they travel through the beautiful deep blue sea, meeting many other creatures of the deep. When the two friends finally stumble upon the perfect present, Alistar needs to make a difficult decision, which only he can make. When he does, the little sea star learns that there are times when it is not the present that is important, but the thought behind it.

My First Cover! Now available on Amazon – Kindle & Hardcover

My First Cover! Now available on Amazon – Kindle & Hardcover

For Linda Crowley, the first day of the year had always been set aside to work on new, positive beginnings and 1970 was no different. Her husband and children were by all accounts healthy and no one even considered the terrible thought that tragedy would strike before the day was over, and life as she had known it was gone.

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My first illustrating project available on Amazon

My first illustrating project available on Amazon

Haley doesn't have a normal pet she has a goat, Ralph. He thinks he's having fun but he's causing untold trouble for Haley. Trouble seems to follow Ralph everywhere he goes only he doesn't know it. Haley's father says Ralph has to be sold!

This Must Be Shared…

Every morning my friend Shirley sends a little devotional to her family and friends. This morning I woke up to some very wise words entitled The Layman's Ten Commandments by an unknown author. After reading them I felt the thoughts were so cleverly written that they were just too good not to share.

. . . → Read More: This Must Be Shared…

You’re Blessed When…

For awhile I’ve been asking God for a new perspective on some old ideas. Today I was blessed with this find. So many times we want “more”. We don’t realized that we are like a glass. When we’re full, we’re full and the only way to put more in is to first empty some . . . → Read More: You’re Blessed When…

Attention, Please

Coming home and coming down from the emotional roller coaster of the last few days provides perspective. The pastor that my brother had to preside over his wife’s wake was amazing. I never attended a service so personal and inspiring as this one. He eulogized my sister-in-law’s life and presented her exactly as the person . . . → Read More: Attention, Please

The Lights Of Our Days

“To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.” ~ Mother Teresa

When I first read this quote my mind flitted to the word “replenish”. What do I need to replenish everyday? I need to replenish my mind, my body and my spirit. My mind needs the stimulation of new ideas. . . . → Read More: The Lights Of Our Days

My God, Your God

People are always saying, “My God is….and your God is…” There is no “my God, your God”. God belongs to everyone. He does not put rules and restrictions on how each of us chooses to have a relationship with Him.

I have wanted to write this post for a very long time, but even though . . . → Read More: My God, Your God


Happy New Year to all my readers. In these first minutes of 2013, let us contemplate peace, love, and joy. Where is that better to be found than in your God? I have a friend I met in yoga class that is the vocalist for the Christian band Skywatch – a wonderful local band here . . . → Read More: Hallowed

Just Get Through This Day

How many times do we start our day with this prayer:

"Please Lord, just let me get through this day!"

There are so many days, when upon awakening and our feet have barely graced the floor, that we're praying for the moment that we we can climb right back into that bed. "Getting through" the . . . → Read More: Just Get Through This Day


It all started last night at 7:35 when a news bulletin popped up on the screen of my phone announcing the earthquake here in New England. The quake was in Maine, so down here on Cape Cod I didn't even feel the tremor, but it left me just a bit wary anyway.

Then, this . . . → Read More: Quakes

Don’t Be Fooled By The Calendar

This morning a very interesting piece about how we make use of our time came across my radar. It ended with a quote by Charles Richards:

"Don't be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One person gets only a week's value out of . . . → Read More: Don’t Be Fooled By The Calendar

The Day After Bikram

After a night on my daughter's couch I found myself awake and ready to go at 5am. Of course, being on a couch, I found myself awake more than once throughout the night and while feeling ready to get up, I was still tired after the wonderful day with my daughter, the food and drink, . . . → Read More: The Day After Bikram