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My newest book now available on Amazon!

My newest book now available on Amazon!

Many treasures lie under the sea, but will Alistar find the one that will make ‘The Perfect Birthday Present’ for his mom? Join this adventurous little sea star and his best buddy Barnaby (a blob fish) as they travel through the beautiful deep blue sea, meeting many other creatures of the deep. When the two friends finally stumble upon the perfect present, Alistar needs to make a difficult decision, which only he can make. When he does, the little sea star learns that there are times when it is not the present that is important, but the thought behind it.

My First Cover! Now available on Amazon – Kindle & Hardcover

My First Cover! Now available on Amazon – Kindle & Hardcover

For Linda Crowley, the first day of the year had always been set aside to work on new, positive beginnings and 1970 was no different. Her husband and children were by all accounts healthy and no one even considered the terrible thought that tragedy would strike before the day was over, and life as she had known it was gone.

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My first illustrating project available on Amazon

My first illustrating project available on Amazon

Haley doesn't have a normal pet she has a goat, Ralph. He thinks he's having fun but he's causing untold trouble for Haley. Trouble seems to follow Ralph everywhere he goes only he doesn't know it. Haley's father says Ralph has to be sold!

Show Up

Once again my inspiration comes from my members. Each day they come to me with wonderful non-scale victories. This week was no different.

Wednesday is my only day to be at work at 8 am. Yesterday as I was walking up to the door at about 7:40, the door burst open and a member . . . → Read More: Show Up

It’s Not Fun Anymore

In the past 24 hours I heard this message twice so far. Once from a person considering a gym membership, but found out during his trial he does not like to work out. “It's not fun,” he said. Next from someone who finally found a fitness program that worked for her, but said all others . . . → Read More: It’s Not Fun Anymore

A Great “First Day”

I have not felt that “first day of school” feeling in six years. Last night I locked the door on my Mashpee Koko FitClub for the last time. I packed my car and prepared for the first day at my new club in Centerville. I was apprehensive, my members were apprehensive – none of us . . . → Read More: A Great “First Day”

Unstoppable! Days 3, 4 & 5

In the continuing saga of my 21 Day Fat Burn Booster, day 3 was the first elliptical cardio. I am used to the elliptical, but veering off my usual program that I know I can handle, was a bit intimidating. Turns out I loved the program and the strength workout that followed it was . . . → Read More: Unstoppable! Days 3, 4 & 5

Day 1 & 2 – Not So Bad!

Monday was Day 2 of my 21 Day Fat Burn Booster. Tuesday was rest day. I kind of liked not having to leave the house until 9:15. Maybe this is a hidden reward for doing the program.

Day 1: I had to do the first cardio treadmill program and I was a bit nervous. (I . . . → Read More: Day 1 & 2 – Not So Bad!

21 Day New Year Boost!

Okay, so I made a simple resolution. Bump up my cardio. According to Michael Wood, I followed his suggestions and I should be able to do this. (But you know I hate cardio.) Michael suggests using Dr. Carr's SCRAM method when crafting a new year resolution: Make a goal that is Specific, Consistent, Reasonable, Attainable, . . . → Read More: 21 Day New Year Boost!


Happy everything. That is my wish for all of you for 2015. I like that word everything. Somehow it's more all-encompassing than the traditional Happy New Year greeting. To me, the luster of the concept of a “new year” begins to wane along about February first. Not my resolutions, mind you. I'm pretty . . . → Read More: Everything

When I Speak of Inspration

Very often I bring you things and people in this blog that have touched my life and inspired me to be better than I am today or to “go for it” and try to reach a goal. What I have for you today touches on something that means a lot to me and I . . . → Read More: When I Speak of Inspration

Who Can Top Me?

20,000 steps yesterday! The 10,000 step challenge is over and my result astounds me. The day I started this challenge on October 1 I thought I was in pretty good shape averaging 7000-8000 steps a day. Turns out that is the average step count for most people and I set out increase my average . . . → Read More: Who Can Top Me?

It’s 7 am…

…and I don't have to leave the house. It's the second day “officially” of my new job. I am now the manager of the Mashpee Koko FitClub and I couldn't be more thankful to God or more excited about the new challenge. Last night when I locked the door and walked to my car, . . . → Read More: It’s 7 am…